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Play-Time Jungle Gym rentals and sales is a Cape Town based business which specialises in the rental and sale of steel Jungle Gyms and Swings. Whether you are looking for a play and exercise solution for your home,  a school ground or your after care facility we have the answer for you!


Get Moving !

Children today are not moving enough or getting sufficient amounts of healthy, fun exercise. More and more primary school teachers are encountering children who:

  • Can't sit up straight
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • Have slow, untidy handwriting
  • Tire easily
  • Are restless and fidgety


Occupational therapists say that movement is the foundation for all learning and a lack of exercise in the early years of a child's development will set them back academically - ultimately influencing their potential. With a Jungle Gym you can boost their mental and physical progress.


We Bring The Park To You

  Children's parks are an ideal solution - a place where children can freely meet, move and play, but unfortunately crime and broken glass have made  parents reluctant to send their children to these playgrounds.

 At Play-Time we have an ideal solution. We offer  you the opportunity to bring the park to your children.  Our fun range of colourful Jungle Gyms is guaranteed to keep your children moving and entertained. 

 All of our Jungle Gyms are available for both

    rental and purchase.

  Rentals are for a

minimum period of six months

and are only applicable in Cape Town and surrounding areas.  

  For sale prices, please contact us

  Our Service To You...

  • We will deliver and install the Jungle Gym at your home
  • Jungle Gym rental is for a minimum period of six months with the the option to extend on a monthly basis thereafter.
  • After the initial six month rental period, you may exchange your Jungle Gym for a bigger or different model, thus ensuring that your child is constantly being challenged by new features and concepts. Please note that an additional delivery charge will apply if an exchange is made.
  • Our Jungle Gyms are safe, durable and made of the highest quality materials.